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The More Than Gay Project

I have awesome friends. This is an example of how awesome my friends can be.

A friend of mine recently participated in a video project called “The More Than Gay Project”. The video takes on the notion that folks should be defined merely or primarily by their sexual orientation rather than their entire personality. I think the video is snappy and clever. The goal is definitely relevant and admirable. I especially liked how the video project linked the problem of being defined by sexual orientation to straight people as well. It might get straight people to think about what it might be like to be thought of only by who they romantically link themselves to. I think it’s so important to develop a sense of empathy for members of the LGBT community, and to fight the forces that would dehumanize these people by making it seem like their only interest is some sort of sexual perversion. That’s not true, and this video that uses real people and real stories is a great effort to show that and combat the misinformation and ignorance that creates the sort of environment where people can call other “faggots” in Facebook wars and kids commit suicide because of bullying.

Watch the video here:


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