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My mom gets WebMD updates every day. Today, she got one about this study that links the use of painkillers during pregnancy to later infertility in male children.

There are a lot of things in this world that really chap my ass. This kind of thing is one of them. I’ve never been pregnant, it’s things like this that make me never want to be pregnant.

Women seem to lose any bit of agency they ever had once they become pregnant. I feel like if it were possible, people would advocate he use of cryogenic time capsules to make sure women never moved or breathed wrong or had a thought that wasn’t baby-centric for the nine months that they’re carrying The Future. Don’t smoke, don’t even look at alcohol, don’t eat tuna, don’t sit that way, don’t stand too long, don’t maintain a sense of individual identity. And now, don’t get rid of that headache – because your son might not be able to get someone pregnant later?

The best part?

Commenting on the study, a U.S. researcher said the findings are weak.

So, the findings are weak, but let’s publish them on a bunch of different sites about pregnancy and babies anyway? Why? Why post weak findings about painkillers if it’s not to make women freak out about the possibility of being bad mothers because they took some Advil?

I think this just goes to show how pregnancy is still used as a means to control women and their agency. The fear of being labeled a bad mother is absolutely paralyzing, and mainstream society knows it. I’m not advocating bad parenting, but I don’t think a “good mother” is ever going to be a woman who lacks self-awareness, self-respect, and self-interest. Complete people make good parents. Women who are being told to stop living their lives like normal people aren’t complete people. They are vessels, inanimate objects, baby-holders, and I know I’ve never gotten good advice or guidance from an inanimate object.

What makes this worse is that it’s all published under the guise of breaking sciencey news! So women are being told that this is all state of the art, contemporary belief about what to expect when you’re expecting, so they begin to believe that these limitations are what’s to be expected of them. Sciencey-ness – perfect for makin’ sure women are busy worrying their pretty little heads about babies and not less convenient stuff like foreign policy or even domestic gender politics.



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  1. I remember reading a book for one of my counseling classes, and the author talked about a woman he counseled who said she was a bad mother. I don’t remember her reasoning for this, but she eventually came to the conclusion that there are very few “bad mothers” and that she certainly was not one.

    Also in the book, the author talks about guilt being a false feeling, because it comes from other people. It’s something that people feel when they don’t live up to someone else’s expectations, when it’s only really important to live up to one’s own expectations. I think the guilt that women are subjected to by almost everyone is just a way for people to enslave women psychologically, which is deemed not as bad as enslaving them physically. It’s everywhere, and it’s quite effective.

    November 25, 2010 at 11:33 pm

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