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In France, men grab you – and that should be ok

American Guy In Paris Freed from the Idea of “Consent”.

No, that’s not the caption for this fabulous Privilege Denying Dude, that’s the actual title of this craptastic Jezebel article.

For some reason, because this dude spent some time in France and wrote an unpublished “book about love”, he’s letting us know that we would all be more empowerful if we just “turned the volume down on consent”. The way to do this is apparently to emulate the way that Parisians go about initiating sexytiems, which is to say that men grab women’s bodies and the women either go make out with them or they walk away. Think of it like street harassment, except now with more touching and violating!

I think the terribleness of this article can be revealed in one awful quote:

Parisian women seem to derive a feminist power from this chauvinism that makes them come across as strong, self-determining, and completely aware of themselves as permanent objects of desire.

Golly, you ladies, don’t you know that your constant ability to cause dicks to harden is super empowerful? I think that’s the same argument that Girls Gone Wild pornulation apologists use to make sure drunk underage girls keep showing their boobs so men can get rich off of other men getting off.

For some reason, this guy can’t even recognize the problematic nature of the way he speaks about women. He describes his experience of being in love at some poor unsuspecting Parisian gal, and how his friend suggested he ply her with alcohol to seduce her. Well, suddenly the question becomes – hmm, would that be so bad? Why do feminists get angry when people suggest that might be bad?

Mr. Pasteck, if that was all you were going to get out of spending a bunch of money to go to a European country, you would have been better served by just joining a fraternity in college – same mentality, less of a price tag. I guess the only thing you’d lack is the ability to be pretentious.

Here’s the deal – it IS a bad idea, it’s what leads to this hoopla of “grey rape”. Without implicitly defined consent, rape victims will get less justice than the measly amount they do now. We have enough problems without privileged guys pontificating about whether or not it’s “so bad” to be plied by alcohol and then seduced by some dude who has the major jones for you. I’m glad it’s a philosophical question for you (aside from the real experience of you not getting the French pussy you’d like, no one feels sorry for you) , but for a lot of women who did not give consent, who do not think of sex as “just a decision” or whose decision making abilities about sex were stolen from them, the absolute answer is YES, IT IS BAD TO PLY WOMEN WITH ALCOHOL TO FUCK THEM.

I mean, if you can’t find the right time to kiss a girl, obviously the correct answer is to find the right alcohol to fuck her.

By the way, if you can’t make it through this rapey, creepy, pretentious article, just read the comments section. It’s amazing so far.


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