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So for some reason, I can’t stop posting about Dancing with the Stars

It just keeps coming up in my newsreel and I keep wanting to post about it. This time, it’s actually not because I’m tired of seeing Sarah Palin’s face on reality television. I’m actually sort of stoked about this discovery I just made from the 4gaymarriage twitter account. Apparently, Israel had a married lesbian television broadcaster, Gili Shem Tov, on their show this year – and she requested to dance with a woman. Watch Gili Shem Tov talk about her decision here.

My first thought? Awesome. Why the fuck can’t the US version do something this cool?
My second thought? Well, is this good visibility, or is this sort of sending the message that homosexuality means that a person does everything with people of the same sex? Or that lesbians just hate men?

Overall, I still think this is amazing. I think this woman and her professional partner are extremely courageous for partaking in this. I think that this kind of public visibility definitely does more good than harm. I just had those questions pop up into my head. What do you think?


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