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Finally – More than giant boners!

Ok, so, I’m a total Alice Paul fangirl. Ever since my first women’s studies class, in which my (wonderful!) first ever women’s studies professor showed us Iron-Jawed Angels and I cried in class while watching it and didn’t even care that I was the only one doing it because I was the only person in there who was super stoked to even BE in a women’s studies class, I have loved Alice Paul. I know this doesn’t make me unique – what feminist DOESN’T love Alice Paul? Lucy Burns? They’re the reason we can vote today, the reason why Hillary Clinton got so close to being president, the reason why Nancy Pelosi was able to put so many cracks in that marble ceiling, and even the reason why Sarah Palin shot to fame so she could badmouth other women –and it’s about damn time they got credit for it.

I’m so happy to see that plans are being made to memorialize the struggle that suffragists went through to get half of the US population to be recognized as more than chattel. It’s bad enough that women are underrepresented in the amount of memorials erected (lol, Washington monument) in their honor anyway, but at least with these plans our feminist foremothers might be able to get the recognition they deserve for going through that Night of Terror.

And, just for the occasion, I bring you a clip from Iron Jawed Angels:

I picked this one for the speech Alice Paul makes around 4:31. Gotta say though, the parade scene is my favorite.


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