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I Heart Being Insufferable, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Insufferability

I’ve been MIA (not the rapper, I wish I was that cool) all weekend and even today. I guess that’s what the end of a semester and seeing your boo for the first time in weeks will do to you. That and Fallout 3, BUT that’s beside the point. Despite my impending finals, it’s back to bloggy business tonight.

I want to make have made a bumper sticker with the catchphrase I ❤ Being Insufferable. With the holiday season here specifically, I'm finding it harder and harder to maintain my commitment to Insufferability. I'm used to being called a cunt, feminazi, or bitch on the internet. Man-hater. Frigid. The gamut, we all know what it entails. I'm always the person who ruins everybody's Facebook kumbayah sessions with gender analysis, or the gal who posts feminist articles that mansplainers just have to comment on (you know how that goes, when women force you to do things just by existing). That, to me, is entertainment. It doesn’t phase me in the least. All right, sometimes I rage at the mansplainers, but in general, it’s fun.

Now, it’s when I’m with the familyfolk that being Insufferable gets to be a sticky issue. I often find that I’m asking myself whether my commitment to Insufferability is worth it when it has caused some disputes. I wonder if compromise is in order, if not speaking up just this once would really be that bad. It’s happened a couple times, somebody flips on Fox News and I start to rage. The fight over those welfare recipients with Escalades and The War on Christmas inevitably ensues, and because I had the audacity to say that Fox News is a political organizing machine with no semblance of journalism left in it, I get pegged as the asshole who starts family fights over the holidays. So, there are times when I haven’t said anything. I’ve put in my headphones and turned Rachel Maddow up to ear splitting levels and kept to myself. But I still can’t help but wonder if it’s not worth the fight.

The conclusion I’ve come to? Yeah, it would be that bad. I think not holding family members accountable for things they say and do does them a disservice. I think the notion of “But we’re family” is weak justification and simply a means of silencing someone that you’d rather not hear from. So if they get mad? Tell them to get over it. You have every right to question them just as they had every right to say what they said in the first place. I have to learn to stop giving a crap if I’m blamed for being Insufferable or ruining shit, and I think the democratic party could take a note on that, too.

I’m tired of seeing people shamed by their families for their Insufferability. I’m tired of being shamed for my Insufferability. The fact of the matter is that it’s a commitment to inquiry that drives progression. That should never be snuffed out or rubbed away by the yammering of those not willing to be inconvenienced. So, for everyone who’s a thorn in the side, an instigator, The Insufferable One, fuck yeah to you. You’re awesome. Keep on being Insufferable. Love it. Use your abilities to inquire and to point out inconsistencies, and use it often. Keep on trolling, and don’t bar any holds. I ❤ being Insufferable, and you know what? You should, too.

And now, because I mentioned her and now would like to listen to "Paper Planes", I present you with a music video by MIA:


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