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Time for a Quickie?: Hall of Famery Edition

In keeping with my motto of <3'ing being Insufferable, I'm proud to announce that I've been. . .wait for it. . .banned! From a feminist blog! Nooooes! D-:

Allow me to come clean about my crimes:

– Pointing out flaws with the whole “you broke feminism” deal going on here (no credit goes to me for that phrase, btw, you can find it here).
– Not thinking it’s awesome for dudes to mansplain to people or make sexist comments
– Not thinking it’s cool (or at all legitimate) for people to spread rape apologist misinformation
– “Derailing” a thread about Julian Assange with not letting said rape apologism go unaddressed. How that’s derailing when the entire feminist blogosphere is up in arms about that going on in conjunction with everything Assange related, well, that’ll just have to be a question that goes unanswered – sorta like “In what country is ‘sex by surprise’ a legal term?”.
– Calling a spade a spade
– Pompous assholery (lol, welcome to blogs)

So yeah, ladies and gents – Think before you Insufferable, or you just might get a special place in someone’s heart (or blag, whichever). It’s something I’ll gladly take if sheltering rape apologetic misinformation and dudes who use the term “neo-feminist” as if it’s legitimate is the alternative.

And yeah, sometimes I am petty, but just remember that I’m ALWAYS a pompous jackass.


3 responses

  1. I have the urge to dethrone you from the top of that list by ripping that fuckhead a new one. What’s her deal, anyway? Proving her stupid is tantamount to transphobia now?

    December 19, 2010 at 12:26 am

  2. BTW, I heart your new header.

    December 19, 2010 at 1:07 am

  3. Eee! Thanks! I’m actually pretty happy with the whole new look of the site. I put the other one up just until I knew what I wanted. But actually, if everything goes according to plan, I might be getting a feminist superhero dinosaur header up soon. A friend of mine said he’d draw one out for me, so if it all turns out all right, I think I’m going to put that one up. 🙂

    And yeah, that gal is pretty insufferable herself, but not in a cool way. I dunno, unfortunately she feels the need to protect dudes more than rape victims and self-identified feminist commenters. It’s unfortunate.

    December 19, 2010 at 1:10 am

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