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Time for a Quickie?: Judy Holliday is awesome edition

So since my computer screen recently stopped working (I’m currently typing on my TV, fuck yeah giant blog!), I’ve decided that the universe is trying to tell me to read actual books more. So, I picked up my copy of Outrageous Acts and Every Day Rebellions by none other than the fantabulous Gloria Steinem (who signed it, ahhh!) and started reading. It really shouldn’t have taken me this long to read it, but college tends to make it impossible to read what you want to read, especially in your last year when you’re trying to write a thesis.

Anyway, I was reading the essay “In Praise of Women’s Bodies” and came across a piece of dialogue in which the also-amazingly-awesome Judy Holliday is mentioned. I feel compelled to share it here:

“Did you ever hear the story about Judy Holliday?” asked a woman peeling off a sweaty leotard. “When she went for a movie interview, the head of the studio started chasing her around the desk. She she just reached into her dress, pulled out her falsies, and handed them to him. ‘Here’ she said, ‘I think this is what you want.'”

I fucking love Judy Holliday. That woman was a freaking genius. Just wanted to share.


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