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Watch and learn, Yahoo!

Here is how this article should have been written:

What do the guys think of your fashion?

Ladies, we’ve all asked ourselves these questions before. Well, we writers at Yahoo! have finally figured out the answer! Are you ready for it? Here goes!


So there you have it ladies. Next time you’re wondering whether or not you should wear big sunglasses, just fucking do it if you want to. Stop giving a shit about what men think about you, because it really doesn’t matter! Besides, the guys we would have gotten for this article are undoubtedly big toolbags not worth your time anyway since they seem to think they have stock in what you wear! So, ladies, wear whatever the fuck you want – miniskirts, sweatpants with letters on them, and any kind of obnoxious slogan t-shirt that tickles your fancy- and just stop giving a fuck about the opinions of self-important dudes.


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    January 17, 2011 at 12:10 am

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