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15 Reasons Why AbortionNo.com is a crappy source

(Originally posted at my Tumblog, STFU Fauxminists)

Reasons why Abortionno.com (graphic images warning) is a terrible source (in no particular order):

1. They have a video of an abortion/abortion images on the front page of their website, complete with dramatic music. DRAMATIC MUSIC. Just. . .lulz. Not necessarily at the images, before you clutch your pearls, but really? Dramatic music? Why? You can’t just let the images speak for themselves if they’re really supposed to be that arresting?

2. The Genocide Awareness Project. I’ve come against these folks twice in my stint as a pro-choice advocate. The first time, one of the folks that they had who was obviously one of their organizers and not a student (which means he was probably paid to boot) couldn’t even best me an an argument (I was 18 and a freshperson at the time).

3. They legitimately think the birth control pill is abortion. This one is almost as laughable as the dramatic music on the front page. You want to talk about what most scientists have agreed upon as factual basis for your arguments? How about the fact that pregnancy begins at implantation, which means that there’s no possible way, even if the pill does cause the body to reject a fertilized egg, that it can be considered an abortion. Sorry, but the science you claim to love proves you wrong (especially) in this instance.

4. They think Plan B is abortion, too. Yet the same principle applies. This one is particularly cruel, considering this is often the last ditch effort a rape victim has to prevent a pregnancy from occurring in the first place, not that they give a flip about rape victims.

5. They think abortion is genocide. This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so offensively inaccurate and culturally insensitive. Sorry folks, but just because a large number of supposed folks are dying and you need a powerful word to get your cause some more attention doesn’t mean you can misappropriate the actual cultural sufferings of other people.

6. When they show their giant dead baby billboards, they don’t even care that they could be triggering women who miscarried pregnancies that they wanted. Mostly because they don’t care about women. They have tiny signs (in comparison) up like 5 feet from the billboard sized signs. REALLY EFFECTIVE.

7. As stated previously, they are against condom use, even though it will prevent abortions.

8. The GAP demonstration is an enormous waste of money that could be used to support pro-woman remedies to ending abortion, like birth control (which is not abortion) condoms, and comprehensive sexual education (which includes abstinence). Oh, but wait, again, they’d have to care about women to support that.

9. The GAP demonstration billboards don’t even show women as being part of the equation. It’s like these people think that uteri float in peaceful, unicorn filled wonderlands until evil, mean (but misguided and ill-informed because they have stupid lady-brains) slutty women come and kill them in their tiny, exploitable slumber. Sorry, but uh, you can’t have an honest conversation about abortion without including the woman involved in the equation.

10. The pictures have been called into question more than once. Not necessarily for being fake, but for being mislabeled, which is just as bad, and totally not surprising since almost all anti-choice propaganda prefers to use pictures of fully grown infants in place of fetal images.

11. Why do we have to include Bible quotes in our abortion related articles? Oh golly, maybe be cause this is a religious crusade against women’s reproductive agency?

12. They still spread the myth that abortion causes “Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS)” even though every other reputable organization has said that a syndrome doesn’t exist. In fact, most women feel relief after their abortions, and those that regret it were either pressured into it or didn’t really want it in the first place, which of course is against the concept of choice.

13. They spread the million-times-over disproved myth that abortion causes breast cancer. Basically these people just don’t know how to science. Basically, if our big giant signs don’t scare women enough, we’ll just scare them with a heavily gender-biased disease that doesn’t actually have any connection to abortion! Totally ethical!

14. They partake in bullshit campaigns to “expose” Planned Parenthood a la Lila Rose and her idiocy, yet they fail to realize that the efforts of Planned Parenthood actually prevents up to 800,000 abortions per year. Basically, Planned Parenthood has the ovaries to do what groups like the CBR don’t – they give a shit about women and trust them enough to allow them to make informed decisions about their bodies and sexuality. That means that these women, who are not stupid unlike what anti-choicers think, make healthy choices which lead to them requiring less abortions. What a concept! If you respect women, abortion rates go down! Huh. Unfortunately groups like this have never thought to try that approach.

15. Basically, not only do they take the exact wrong approach, but they willfully spread lies. Folks at their demonstrations told me with straight faces that condoms don’t work. This is a lie. Everyone that isn’t anxious about other people’s sex lives going unpunished knows that. An organization that can’t put aside it’s problem with sex long enough to give out truthful information about condoms really isn’t reputable or trustworthy as far as reliable information.

Let’s see, fifteen reasons right off the top of my head? No wai.

If you need some good, unbiased, factual information, I recommend the Alan Guttmacher Instititute (although they don’t have flashy, dramatic music-filled gory videos, bummer, right?) or ReligiousTolerance.org.



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