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DJ Feminizzle Friday

DJ Feminizzle Friday: Fuck Yeah, the 70s! edition.

In honor of the 38th anniversary of Roe v Wade tomorrow, this edition of DJ Feminizzle Friday will be dedicated to the amazing 70s.

And, just for good measure, some disco.


Yes. Two from Donna Summer. She is just. that. epic.


DJ Feminizzle Friday: Slowjam edition

Turn all the lights down, it’s time to snuggle up to your significant other with this slow jam I’m spinnin’ today.

Savage Garden. Yeah, I know. They’re old school and now made fun of, but when I was like, 8 years old and just getting to pick my own music, this was my shit. And you know what? I’m actually pretty proud of that in rtrospect, mostly because of this song. This is a sexy song done well by a couple of dudes – and get this. . .

. . .it contains the word “consensual”. The word “consensual” in a sexy song sung by dudes! I’m sold. Besides, I don’t even care, I still think the lead singer guy is sexy.

DJ Feminizzle Friday

Janelle Monae

I wish I could get hair this awesome.

Since it’s New Year’s Eve and all, and everyone’s supposed to dress super-snazzy, I figured there would be no better option than to pick a track by Janelle Monae, the gender-androgynous, amazingly stylish singer whose album “The ArchAndroid” was definitely one of the best of the year. Specifically, I’ve put up Janelle’s kick-ass track “Tightrope” for the last DJ Feminizzle Friday of the year. I think it’s bouncy and happy enough for the occasion of ringing in the new year, and it just so happens to be one of my favorite off the album. Enjoy it, folks, and happy new year!

DJ Feminizzle Monday (Because I missed Friday twice)

Yeah, I know. I’m not so good with the consistency thing.

Anyway, just because I recently discovered this song from the top ten list of least misogynistic rap lyrics of 2010, I’m posting it for your listening pleasure. Not only is it just damn good rap, it’s a juggernaut of feminisming and woman-supportive awesomeness. So check it out.

DJ Feminizzle Friday!

Since I’m a a total fucking hipster and an insufferable music snob, I figured I’d have to include feminist music on my blog in some way. So, every once in a while, maybe every week, I’m going to post a DJ Feminizzle selection for your listening pleasure. This week’s selection is the quintessential. The classic. The inspiration for the picture in my header and my icon (and the tattoo that I have of which that is a picture).

So here choir, allow me to preach to you:

“In her hips, there’s revolution!”